Chris West

Platinum Award Winning Producer

Lake Studio

Sardinia, Italy


About Lake Studio

Lake Studio is a small but perfectly formed recording studio on the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia.

Owned and set up by platinum award winning producer/engineer Chris West, primarily for his private productions, this idyllic and tranquil setting is a perfect for relaxing and making wonderful music.


  • Roland HP330 piano

  • Pearl Maxwin Drum kit

  • Fender ProReverb 70s

  • Martin 00016 acoustic

  • Honner Bass guitar

  • Fender ’61 Strat Electric guitar

  • DX7 II

  • MIDI Rack; Akai S1000, Roland D550, JV 1080, Emu Proteus


  • Roland Phaser

  • MXR doubler

  • Audio Design 760

  • Urei LA22

  • Drawmer 201, 301, 221

  • Various Reverb’s

  • Digi002 console

  • Mackie HDR 24

  • Mackie 24.8.2 Mixer

  • Genelec

  • JBL

  • Oram Hi-Def EQ

  • Oram Sonicomp

  • Malcolm Toff - mic pre’s + EQ

We recorded our album with Chris at Lake Studio in the Autumn of 2016. Working with Chris is a wonderfully creative process and Lake Studios setting is so idyllic and tranquil you can’t help but be inspired.

- When Rivers Meet

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