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This section contains original songs that are available to professional Artists, Producers, Managers and Record Companies. We represent 8 talented songwriter/composers, with styles ranging from commissioned TV music to commercial pop songs. Please see profiles below.

  If there is a particular style of music you are looking for, please contact us via the contact page so that we can supply appropriate samples.

  These works are original compositions owned by Whizwest Ltd. They are not available through any other catalogue. Written permission must be obtained before use.

All works are copyright controlled.

(The Life and Times Of The) Brothers Hogg

Composed of Daz Capp, Simon Huxford, Shane Thornberry and Nena Mager 'The Life and Times Of The Brothers Hogg' are an acoustic roots band from the North East. The band's second album 'Celestial Emporium’ puts their masterful songwriting on display perfectly.

Carole Cook

Carole's professional career as a singer has taken her all over the globe. She has had a number one single in Italy and her vocal talents as a session singer can be heard on many top recordings.

Living in America for some time she was a' house' songwriter for MCA.

A strong melody and a thoughful lyric is her hallmark.

Mike Dunn

You may have heard his unusual music for Channel 4's 'Oceans of Wealth'. The lyrics were all written in Latin.

If you are looking for a classical or new age feel, Mike can be commissioned to fill the bill.

Julia Duthie

Julia, a singer in her own right with a couple of singles to her name, is an all rounder, playing drums, saxophone and writing songs. She was a co-writer on a song which was recorded by the Osmond Boys.

Nick Holland

Soulful, emotive album tracks. Nick is a respected musician and producer in his own right. Strong performers will want to make these songs their own.

Michael Mann

Michael Mann is one of the most prolific and talented songwriters we've come across. His material is instantly appealing and full of lovely riffs and hooks. There has been a lot of interest in Michael's material this year and he is right on the verge of having a major hit. You could get there first.

Roy Villanis

A master of romantic ballads. Made for those boy bands who want intelligent lyrics along with melodic vocal lines. Hit the real audio button and hear him singing his heart out.

Chris West

The man himself. Chris has made money from his original TV title music, film music and library catalogues as well as writing plenty of songs.

Styles can be heavy rock, blues, jazz or pop. You say it, he'll play it.

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